Overlake 4 Phase TI

Overlake 4 Phase TI

As the lead project manager for the healthcare industry, Jerome Lamear’s invested time in this market has paid off with being awarded the Overlake Cancer Wellness Center Project. Jerome has partnered with GLY for this 2 year long job that has awarded Auburn Mechanical full plumbing and HVAC. The design/build project will also include engineering from Auburn’s engineering department.

The Overlake Cancer Wellness Center project will include 4 TI phases to move various departments within the Overlake Campus, Including the Medical Office Tower and Overlake Medical Pavilion buildings. The following are the 4 project phases:

Phase 1
Pulmonary + Internal Medicine

Phase 2
Outpatient Imaging and Lab
North and West Entrance Revisions
Overlake Medical Office Tower – L1 Corridor

Phase 3
Temporary Breast Surgery
Medical Oncology Clinic

Phase 4
Cancer Wellness Center (4 phases)