A Reputation of Excellence
Earned Through Performance
Since 1975, Auburn Mechanical has offered the Northwest personalized mechanical contracting services. Recognized as a contractor that delivers measurable, sustainable, quality results; our services have grown to meet industry needs and the standards of our clients. We specialize in providing outstanding mechanical design, HVAC, plumbing, fitting, refrigeration, and maintenance—when performance counts.

Mechanical Services

Continually Improving to Meet Our Customer’s Needs

We make it a priority to listen to our customers and adapt our business to meet their changing needs. Our people focus on clients first, providing you with specialized, comprehensive mechanical services including HVAC, plumbing, refrigeration, mechanical piping, and pure water.

Project Delivery

Accelerating Through Project Delivery

Our early involvement in design and planning allows for flawless execution in the field. We leverage our in-house expertise, lean methodology, and integrated technology to address any issues before they impact the project. Auburn Mechanical’s delivery process is unique – decreasing your cost and increasing quality, safety, and flexibility.

  • Early foreman involvement
  • Bulk material orders and early procurement
  • Fabrication schedules driven by just-in-time delivery
  • Site-specific plans to minimize material handling and “all materials on wheels”
  • Quality assurance checks at every point
  • An integrated service department for seamless warranty support and efficient maintenance


Ensuring Everyone Goes
Home Healthy, Every Day

Safety is at the core of Auburn Mechanical’s work culture. If our employees see unsafe work, they are empowered to say something. We believe by improving our communication, planning, and understanding of the tasks ahead, we can prevent accidents from ever happening.


Auburn is proud of our strong safety record which has been recognized by SMACNA and MCAWW with Safety Excellence Awards.